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Client Focus

We place the highest priority on fostering long-term relationships with our investors and attempting to generate superior returns over many market cycles. This begins with an alignment of our team’s interests with those of our investors, and is complimented with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, genuineness and candid feedback.

Investment Excellence

Investment excellence is central to our business. Excellence cannot be achieved without seeking both truth, and implementing a disciplined approach. In seeking truth, we strive to understand how things should be versus how they are, and meld this into a vision of what will be over the short, medium and long-term. We promote an environment devoid of bureaucracy and formality; and instead reward openness, creativity, collaboration and hard work. We view team debates as a way to evolve and validate our investment thesis’. We channel our views into a disciplined investment process, employing both strategy and tactics with an eye on risk, in order to leverage investment opportunities through all investment cycles, while remaining consistent.

Our People are Our Capital

Our performance and success as a firm is driven by the quality of our people. We understand that truly talented portfolio managers evolve from a background of hard work, intelligence and maturity. We seek to recruit talented team members early, and mentor their growth while they are immersed in our unique company culture.

Intelligent Growth

Key to our firm’s sustainability is intelligent growth. We constantly look for ways to improve scalability of operations and drive efficiencies. While the complexities of running an investment business can be distracting, we place the investment process and its sustainability as our top priority. Growth initiatives, while important, are always carefully weighed against the impact to the company, its investment process and the sustainability of the business.


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