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EuroPac International Bond Fund


Data & Statistics as of 06/30/2017


Currenty Allocation

NZD 14.0%
AUD 10.0%
CAD 8.3%
NOK 6.2%
MYR 5.9%
USD 5.8%
PEN 5.6%
SGD 5.5%
CHF 5.5%
BRL 5.4%




Country Allocation (% of total portfolio equities)

Australia 12.7%
New Zealand 10.7%
Canada 8.3%
SNAT 7.6%
Malaysia 5.9%
Peru 5.6%
Switzerland 5.5%
Mexico 5.3%
Germany 4.7%
Britain 4.3%




Issuer Type

Government 60.2%
Corporate 32.2%
Supranational 7.6%




Coupon Type

Fixed 90.2%
Floating 4.5%
Variable 5.3%
Zero Coupon --
Modified Duration 5.1 (03/31/2017)


1 Source: Euro Pacific Asset Management / Bloomberg

2 A floating rate note is a note with a variable interest rate. The adjustments to the interest rate are usually made every quarter and are tied to a certain rate index.

3 Supranational refers to an international organization where member states come together to share in the decision-making of the organization and vote on issues pertaining to the wider grouping.

4 Duration shown is the modified duration. Duration is a measure of the sensitivity of the price (the value of principal) of a fixed-income investment to a change in interest rates. Typically, rising interest rates mean falling bond prices, while declining interest rates mean rising bond prices and a larger the duration means a larger price change.


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