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EuroPac International Value Fund


Data & Statistics as of 12/31/2016


Fund Characteristics

Weighted Average Market Cap $79.5 Billion
Number of Holdings 29




Sector Diversification (% of total portfolio equities)

Basic Materials 29.24%
Telecommunications 21.19%
Consumer Staples 18.93%
Health Care 14.30%
Energy 5.92%
Information Technology 5.61%
Utilities 4.80%




Country Allocation (% of total portfolio equities)

Canada 17.31%
Britain 13.25%
Brazil 8.94%
Switzerland 8.58%
United States 7.05%
Denmark 5.25%
New Zealand 5.02%
Australia 4.95%
South Korea 4.48%
Germany 4.01%




Top 10 Holdings (% of total portfolio equities)

Barrick Gold Corp 5.05%
Novo Nordisk A/S 4.69%
Newcrest Mining Ltd 4.43%
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 4.01%
Newmont Mining Corp 3.99%
Potash Corp of Saskatchewan 3.98%
Yamana Gold Inc 3.72%
Novartis AG 3.61%
Bayer AG 3.59%
China Mobile Ltd 3.43%


1 Source: Euro Pacific Asset Management / Bloomberg

2 Portfolio holdings will change due to ongoing management of the fund. References to specific securities (or sectors) should not be construed as recommendations by the Fund, the Advisor of the Distributor.

3 Harmonic mean is a way of averaging multiples, and gives equal weight to each data point rather than greater weights to high data points. For example, with a simple arithmetic mean, companies with high price to earnings multiples would have a greater impact on the overall earnings multiple of the portfolio due to their large size relative to other companies with smaller multiples, whereas the harmonic mean would adjust for this impact by giving equal weight to both the company with the high multiple and the low multiple in calculating the overall price to earnings multiple for the portfolio.

The P/E (price to earnings) ratio is an indicator of how much investors are willing to pay for the opportunity to share in the company’s future earnings potential. “FY1” refers to the P/E ratio calculated using the company’s current year earnings as projected by analysts. “FY2” refers to the P/E ratio calculated using the company’s earnings as projected by analysts two fiscal years forward.

The Price / Book ratio is used to compare a stock’s market value to its book value and is commonly used to compare a company’s valuation to other peers within its industry.


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